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We are delighted to announce that at this year’s eRisk – New York conference, we will feature keynote presentations from some very influential individuals.

A Digital Crime Whodunnit - How to Fight On-line Fraud & Chargebacks: Skip Myers, Director of Loss Prevention/Risk Strategy, Micro Center

Skip reveals his ground breaking approach to investigating digital crime; one that has already received accolades from law enforcement and security professionals from around the globe.

“A digital crime scene is still a crime scene; it is human crime… online. Many times problems are left unresolved simply because the approach of an investigator needs to be realigned to the digital environment. However, once investigators understand this new approach they can use their existing skill sets, with minor tweaks, to get far, far better results than they have previously.”

Following the publication of Skip’s new book, How to Investigate the (digital) Crime Scene, Skip will explain how this approach has been used to deal with CNP fraud and chargebacks with great success in his US business – Microcenter.

This presentation provides practical tools that you can take away and apply in your businesses the very next day.

You can also request a signed copy of Skip’s new book.

Ronin combat – a fraud fighter’s guide to survival: Rafeeq Lorick, Supervisor of Credit & Collections, Asset Marketing Services

As a fraud fighter, you are doing a job that is unlike most other departments in your company: sometimes it can be hard even knowing where to begin! In this illuminating presentation, Rafeeq is inspired by the ancient Samurai’s methods of preparing for combat to help guide your fraud prevention efforts. And he offers up useful combat strategies to tackle fraud across omni-channel retail.

More about Rafeeq:                    

Rafeeq Lorick is the Supervisor of Credit and Collections and the resident Fraud Expert for Asset Marketing Services, a leading global distributor of rare and precious metal coins that sell to customers through a unique telemarketing presence, as well as through multiple e-commerce sites. Rafeeq and his team oversee all payment processing for AMS, develop and manage our fraud solutions, complete back-end collection efforts, and manage our chargeback disputes. His subject matter expertise includes chargebacks related to card-not-present fraud with an emphasis on deterrence, e-commerce fraud, fraud tools, and strategy optimization.

‘Our journey’ – implementation of a fraud capability for a leading online retailer: Raphael Lawson, Group Head of Online Fraud for an international online retailer

In his presentation Raphael will discuss the journey of implementation of a fraud capability for an international online retailer. He will discuss where they function, where they are today and future capability he is deploying. This is fully interactive session and aimed at those of all fraud knowledge – from basic to advanced.

More about Raphael…

Raph is a fraud professional who is employed by a highly successfully retailer based in the North of England as their Group Head of Online Fraud.

Prior to this he held senior fraud roles in the financial services, legal, NHS, Serious Fraud Office having commenced his fraud career in the Navy specialising in fraud and corruption. His specialises in fraud strategy, analytics, intelligence and cyber investigations. He is an Certified Fraud Examiner, Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist, Telecom Fraud Specialist, Certified Cyber Investigations Expert amongst others. He holds degrees in Policing, Investigations and a Masters in Criminology (Cambridge).

Keeping your networks safe – the physical aspects of online security: Hedgie Bartol, Axis Communications

More about Hedgie…

Hedgie Bartol serves as a business development manager for the retail segment at Axis Communications, Inc. In this role, Mr. Bartol works closely with partners and retailers on strategic surveillance installations designed to maximize loss prevention and streamline business operations.

Mr. Bartol joined Axis in July of 2011, bringing more than 20 years of experience in retail loss prevention to the position. His expertise extends to retail-specific solutions ranging from access control, identity management, and fraud prevention technologies to systems integration, video management software and network camera technologies.

Prior to joining Axis, Mr. Bartol served as retail sales manager for Milestone Systems developing the vertical market segment through end-user and channel partner relationships. Mr. Bartol also served as the national business development manager for Diebold’s Retail Solutions Group, establishing the Diebold brand, identifying creative marketing opportunities, and increasing revenue. Over the years Mr. Bartol has secured a multitude of national retail accounts and built strong brand recognition with his active industry participation and strategic relationships.

Mr. Bartol is a graduate of Catawba College and serves on the Retail Council of ASIS, the RILA Vendor Advisory Board, the Vendor Advisory Board for LP Magazine as well as other numerous trade organizations. He also holds a Loss Prevention Qualified (LPQ) designation through the Loss Prevention Foundation.

The challenges we see with fraud today: Eyal Raab, VP Business Development, Riskified

Fraud has changed. Gone are the days of relying on static rules and long review times to manage your fraud. Today’s fraudster is too cunning to be stopped by your rules-based system. And today’s customer has too many options to tolerate your long manual review times. As your business continues to evolve to meet the demands of an increasingly eCommerce world, your fraud solution will need to evolve as well.

In this session, Riskified’s Vice President of Business Development, Eyal Rabb, will share insights on the current fraud landscape and how your organization can stay ahead of fraudsters. You’ll learn how fraud impacts every part of your organization; what today’s fraudsters look like and how they operate; and how to use new technologies to grow revenue while eliminating the threat of fraud.

More about Eyal…

Since joining Riskified as part of the founding team, Eyal has helped grow its customer base to over 1,000 global merchants and 180 employees. Prior to his tenure at Riskified, Raab held various management and software development roles at Siemens, Celtro, and Corrigent.

The rise in phone fraud: have you secured your call centers?: Payas Gupta, Data Scientist, Pindrop Security

In the past decade, technologies such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP) has converged telephony with the Internet. The technological advancements in VoIP has allowed the fraudsters to mount successful voice phishing attacks by calling victims’ banks, insurance companies, retailers, government agencies and emergency responders. Therefore, a massive shift is needed in the way we handle security of our call centers and voice based IOT devices. In conversations with our major partners, we have found that blended threats that utilize both the web and telephony channels have become a serious concern. Phone fraud is now so prevalent that it caused $14 billion in losses last year. We found 79% increase in just retail fraud rates between 2014 and 2016, where, one in 491 calls is fraudulent. This includes fraud from Card-Not-Present (CNP) fraud, account takeovers, cross-channel attacks, and reshipping fraud over the telephone.

Pindrop’s patented Phoneprinting™ technology helps call centers to detect anomalous behaviour for first time callers and identify repeat fraudsters. We have also developed Phoneypot™, a first large-scale telephone honeypot to study phone abuse. We believe Phoneypot provides us with new insights into telephony abuse and attack vectors that could threaten the online channel. The talk will also summarize insights that have been gained based on the analysis of Phoneypot generated abuse data.

Man vs Machine in the world of fraud: Mark Goldspink, CEO, The ai Corporation

In this session, Mark will consider how machine learning can offer benefits in both reducing fraud losses and increasing acceptance in all channels – without the need for expensive infrastructure.

Does your business struggle with manual fraud monitoring of increasingly complex payment channels? Mark will discuss the field of Behavioural Economics in relation to the management of Fraud, and consider how innovative technology can assist a manual approach. He will answer the common myths of machine learning and show how it can be utilised with big data to deliver outstanding business benefit.

In addition, Mark will cover some of the latest emerging global fraud trends in the retail industry and discuss how these are relevant to the Asia Pacific region.

ai has a long and exciting heritage as one of the world’s leading companies in fraud and risk management. Their expertise has been leveraged by organisations worldwide to enrich, protect and grow their businesses.

More about Mark…

After graduating from London University with a PhD In Chemistry, Mark started worked for a multinational oil company Texaco for 12 years mainly involved in forecourt retailing. He spent 2 years as Retail Director for Texaco Europe and then moved to New York as Global Marketing Director and was the shareholder representative for Texaco’s global retail ventures with Shell and Saudi Aramco (in the US) and Chevron (Caltex) in the Far East and Africa.

In 2000 Mark moved to an Internet Billing company and in 2005 became Managing Director for Retail Decision’s Global Payments and Fraud Division. In 2010 he moved to Logica (bought by CGI Inc. 2012) and was Vice President responsible for managing Shell’s outsourced payment contracts worth over $0.5bn. He joined ai in 2013 to work with Ashley Head on developing and expanding a whole series of inter-related payment businesses globally.


The magic of data: adding value with video: Cliff Miller, Director of Retail Sales, Hikvision

Working with the right technology and installation partners, retailers can use video surveillance systems to do much more than just reduce theft. Video surveillance captures massive amounts of data that retail organizations can leverage to improve operations, measure store performance, support compliance, increase sales, as well as reduce theft. Join Hikvision Director of Retail Sales Cliff Miller for this informative presentation that is focused on the needs of today’s retailers. Learn how video surveillance data can give you insight into your business and help you increase your bottom line profits. Hikvision USA is a North American leader in award-winning video surveillance products and solutions.

More about Cliff…

Cliff Miller, Director of Retail Sales for Hikvision USA is based out of Washington, DC. He is primarily responsible for business development, which includes brand awareness and support for end users and dealer channels.

How to improve fraud detection on any fraud platform immediately using machine learning tools: Nick Walker, Commercial Director, The ai Corporation

More about Nick…

Nick’s began working life in the Royal Navy where he served on HMS Leander and HMS Ark Royal, working on communication and weapon systems. This gave him a solid grounding in work ethics that are still with him today; working smart, hard and giving the absolute best he can, while always striving to do better. After the Navy Nick studied Electronic Engineering, while working for an EPOS developer and manufacturer,  he was ‘hands-on’ developing some of the early EFT and POS machines that were deployed to retail fuel stations around the world.

Nick started out as a ‘techie’, then had a great opportunity to grow his skills within a business that he set up, operated and then managed various departments; development, project management, customer services, manufacturing, sales and business development. Nick then joined the senior management team, taking the business to a full listing on the London Stock Exchange. That experience put him in good stead for his next career step, joining Retail Decisions (ReD), where he was very much involved in developing the business from a UK only, one product business into a leading global fraud detection, fuel card and payment solution provider. Nick’s time at ReD included running various types of operations, covering fraud prevention, payments and fuel cards around the world, including South Africa (his home for many years), China, USA, Australia and LATAM, some of whom he now works with at ai.

At ai, as one of the commercial directors, Nick is responsible for business development in The America’s. This includes working directly with financial institutions and leading merchants, as well as developing new partner channels.

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