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The following experts will all be presenting at eRisk – Leicester 2017, with further speakers to be announced in the coming weeks.

An introduction from our Chair: Carly Richards, Director, Contract and Compliance, KPMG Australia
Welcome to Retail Risk – Leicester 2017.

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as this year’s Chair for Retail Risk – Leicester.

More about Carly…

Carly joined KPMG Australia in the Risk Consultancy team about 3 months ago after spending 22 years in an Operational Retail role. She has led teams in the retail loss prevention space for 17 years. Working for Omni-channel retails (Argos and Target Australia) has meant that fraud has been at the heart of her focus. Working for Target enabled Carly to bring the learnings from the UK into the Australian market place.

Carly is always looking for innovative and analytical solutions and the application of a slightly ‘different approach’! KPMG allows her to use insight through thought leadership and best practice with the opportunity to see and test what is globally considered best in class to provide solutions to clients.

Retailer briefing: online fraud: Detective Chief Superintendent Glenn Maleary, Head of the Economic Crime Directorate, City of London Police

NPCC Lead for – Fraud, ID Crime. Cyber Protect, counterfeit currency, Detective Chief Superintendent Glenn Maleary will be briefing on police operations around online fraud and collaborative working with retailers.

In the context of this dynamic customer offering, John will discuss the typology of loss and risk in relation to supplier and regulatory expectations and loss experience with the immediacy of time, payment options used, delivery method, returns and refunds.  He will furthermore consider Omni channel control options and how a predictive loss solution methodology represents the way forward.

How to fight fraud on the dark web – a guide for retailers: Gary Hibberd, MD, Agenci

Gary considers  how retailers can use the dark web proactively to see if their customer accounts have been compromised, particularly when there has been a data breach at another organisation. Should they be trawling the dark web? How do they do it? How can they secure the evidence?

More about Gary…

Gary is a Cyber Security specialist who is passionate about helping us see the risks and opportunities that our Cyber universe offers us. With over 30 years experience in IT, and the last 15 years focused on Information Security, Gary brings a wealth of practical experience in protecting us in Cyberspace.  A published author, and an international speaker on Cyber Security, Cybercrime, Cyberterrorism, Cyber Psychology and Data Protection, Gary and his business helps organisations put in security solutions that are pragmatic, that work and add real value to the business.  His clients turn to him when they need to understand how to translate theory into reality.

What fraudsters are up to and what you can do about it: Casey Zenner, Enterprise Sales Executive, Kount

Fraudsters are always changing their tactics, networking with new criminals, spreading across the globe and developing new tools to steal from online merchants. We’ll look at what fraudsters are up to and how you can detect, deter and prevent fraud from hurting your business.


Public and Private Sector collaboration to tackle CNP Fraud: Debbie Grant, Senior Policy Lead, Visa Europe and Ian Stock, Fraud Investigations Manager, DCPCU, City of London Police

Ian and Debbie will be highlighting the great work undertaken by VISA and the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU) in tackling Card Not Present (CNP) Fraud, which is the number one loss area for the UK Banking Industry. They will highlight how the public and private sectors work collaboratively and the results this can achieve.


Putting a face to ‘faceless’ crime: Mark Bertuello, Specialist Investigations Manager, Shop Direct

Mark leads the team at Shop Direct which tracks down the fraudsters that are exploiting the loopholes created by online shopping. In this eye opening presentation he shows some of the techniques used to identify the shadowy figures behind the fraud operations, as well as some very real encounters with the criminals themselves.

More about Mark…

A Senior Criminal Investigator with a wide range of experience in fraud and money laundering investigation, Mark runs a small team of Specialist Investigators who cover all external criminality investigations on the business, which covers the UK & Ireland. He works closely with law enforcement and numerous Retail investigation teams to share intelligence so as to prevent any reputational risk and add value to the business.

How does Acceptance of Alternative Payment Methods Help Fight Fraud?: Stuart Hall, Partner, Digital Transformation, iBe TSE and Matt Attwell, Risk & Client Services Director, The ai Corporation

The Alternative Payment Methods have become well known and much talked about over the past decade. From wallets in Russia and China to bank account payments to instalment payments and prepaid cards – these payment methods have built up a loyal following by the consumers. But are they as beneficial for the retailers? In this session Stuart and Matt will discuss how APMs can help address some of the fraud issues.

More about Stuart…

Stuart is an Associate Partner and Digital Practice Lead at iBe where he is responsible for leading and building out the consultancy’s FinTech and digital ecosystem. Stuart brings over 25 years of consulting and financial services experience to clients having worked in retail banking and insurance during his career. He has a wealth of experience of banking products and services and knowledgeable in multi-channel banking, in both the traditional and challenger bank space. Before joining iBe Stuart held roles at several large consulting firms and has worked in large tier one retail banks and insurers, including, RBS, Lloyds, Barclays, Standard Life and Legal and General where he has held high profile roles across multiple business divisions and central functions.

More about Matt…

Matthew Attwell has over 10 years’ worth of experience in the fraud industry, managing at every stage of the fraud lifecycle. He has worked in a range of different areas within the financial services sector specialising in both fraud analytics and risk strategy. As Risk and Client Services Director, Matthew ensures that ai’s global client base are utilising the latest practices in management of fraud risk.

Prior to joining ai, Matthew worked in the Global Anti-Fraud team at Deutsche Bank where he was responsible for both managing a global fraud loss prevention program and managing fraud risk for the bank within the UK-MEA region.

Matthew previously worked for Lloyds Banking Group for several years within the UK Retail Bank business unit. Whilst at Lloyds, Matthew took a principal role in the adoption of a new fraud system to prevent First Party Fraud.

Matthew is passionate about the insight potential of transaction data and throughout his career has been an advocate of fully utilising data to make the best decisions. At ai, Matthew is responsible for exploring further usages for payment data with clients beyond the traditional fraud monitoring usages. To date this has resulted in engagements related to credit risk, marketing and sales.

Man vs Machine in the world of fraud: Matt Attwell, Risk and Client Services Director, The ai Corporation

In this session, Matt will consider how machine learning can offer benefits in both reducing fraud losses and increasing acceptance in all channels – without the need for expensive infrastructure.

Does your business struggle with manual fraud monitoring of increasingly complex payment channels? Matt will discuss the field of Behavioural Economics in relation to the management of Fraud, and consider how innovative technology can assist a manual approach. He will answer the common myths of machine learning and show how it can be utilised with big data to deliver outstanding business benefit.

In addition, Matt will cover some of the latest emerging global fraud trends in the retail industry and discuss how these are relevant to the Asia Pacific region.

ai has a long and exciting heritage as one of the world’s leading companies in fraud and risk management. Their expertise has been leveraged by organisations worldwide to enrich, protect and grow their businesses.

More about Matt…

Matt started his career with Retail Decisions (ReD), now owned by ACI, where as part of the analytics team he was responsible for managing the fraud rule strategy for all customers in the Retail and Travel sector. This role sparked a passion about the insight potential of data and, throughout Matt’s career, he has been an advocate of fully utilising data to make the best decisions.

Matt then worked for Lloyds Banking Group for several years within the UK Retail Bank business unit, working in fraud analytics and risk strategy management roles. This gave him the opportunity to both manage fraud risk and teams at every stage of the customer lifecycle, from application through to recovery.

Prior to joining ai, he worked as an Assistant Vice President in the Global Anti-Fraud team at Deutsche Bank, where he was responsible for both managing a global fraud loss prevention program and managing fraud risk for the bank within the UK-MEA region.

As Risk and Client Services Director at ai, Matt is responsible for the business service capability and ensuring that ai’s global client base are utilising the latest practices in management of fraud risk. Throughout his career Matt has experienced the extraordinary potential of mixing world class individuals and industry leading technology, and he is fortunate to see this in practice at ai.


Your products – the final mile!: Ken Semple, Head of Security, DX Group

Ken explores how retailers can work with carriers to be proactive in identifying potential fraud and/or suspect addresses.  He provides insights into the processes, procedures and systems DX utilises to enable safe and secure delivery. He shows how they deal with deliveries that do not go to plan, illustrating some of the many tools used to investigate, resolve, learn and where necessary adapt. And he looks at the current challenges  that affect our industry as a whole, in particular driver resourcing.


More about Ken…

Having served for 24 years as a member of the Special Investigation Branch, Royal Military Police, Ken moved into commercial security in 2002 and has experience in both retail (Alldays and ASDA)  and predominantly the carrier industry: he has worked in senior positions at Target Express, City Link and DX where he currently has responsibility for security across the whole group (DX Freight (including 2 Man & Logistics) & DX Express).


How to use digital footprint and customer data to detect more fraud and automatically accept more orders: David Pope, HooYu

In this masterclass, David will show how to use two new cutting-edge technologies that have recently been released by the team behind 192.com and 192business.

1. Using your customer’s digital footprint to prove their real world identity:
Join David Pope as he discusses how HooYu leverages the value of a customer’s digital footprint to prove customer identity alongside or instead of traditional identity databases.  David will share the kind of data that can be harnessed from sources such as Facebook, PayPal, LinkedIn and Google+ and how these sources can be interrogated and trusted as a means to prove customer identity.

2.  Speeding up the review queue with data visualisation technology: 
David will demonstrate Andromeda, a unique data visualisation tool. Instead of returning a list of database results that a review queue agent has to trawl through, Andromeda displays results in a constellation graph that can be traversed to see the relationships between names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

David will show how Andromeda speeds up the investigation process by collating all this information for review queue analysts in one viewable graph that not only decreases review queue man-hours, but also enables analysts to discover connections that might have been missed but are apparent when viewed in the constellation graph.

More about David…

With just under 20 years of experience at 192business and Experian in identity verification and fraud prevention, David Pope is a specialist in helping retailers to balance security against convenience when preparing their defense against fraudsters.

Fraud Prevention Success Strategies & Tactics: Jason Platt, Senior Sales Manager, Accertify

In this high level overview of ecommerce fraud prevention, we present our view of best practise for deploying strategies and Tactics seen in the industry. Based on experience gained from recent years from working with our clients and the wealth of experience our own people have, we will take you through our collective knowledge for a basis of Fraud Prevention Success.

More about Jason…

Jason began his career in banking and insurance software development, he has been providing consultancy and now sales delivery with over 6 years of payment and fraud experience in the retail, ticketing, digital and travel industries from his consultancy roles with Accertify Inc and a VISA Inc. owned company.

Jason began his career working as a developer at HFC Bank where he was involved in the development of the ‘GM’ and Goldfish credit cards which used an early fraud detection application called ‘Hunter’.  He then moved into a role, with Fiserv Europe, leading development teams to implement bespoke banking software modifications to clients across EMEA delivering retail banking applications.  Jason has delivered solutions to clients based from Seattle to Jakarta over his time in various professional Services roles.

Since joining Accertify In 2013, Jason has been key to helping our clients adopt new products and functions. In 2015, Jason won the American Express Customer Service Award for his work with dramatically reducing fraud for a major European airline. In his spare time Jason enjoys watching live football and motorcycling.

Machine Learning and Industry collaboration in our fight against payment fraud: Toby Carlin, Principal Consultant, FICO

Join Tony as he takes a look at making better use of machine learning combined with industry collaboration in our fight to combat the fraud challenges that cybercrime is creating in the Retail Payment Industry.

More about Toby…

A Fraud Risk Management professional with over 12 years experience in Financial Services, spanning the full range of banking products and customer journeys.

Toby has a wealth of experience across the fraud risk lifecycle including prevention, detection, technology and customer remediation with an over-riding specialism in combatting Digital and Cyber Enabled frauds.

Identity data – the true impact of fraud on your business: Jeanette McCarta & Danielle Stork, GB Group

Jeanette McCartan is a specialist in identity data. Jeanette specialises in working with Retailers to understand the true impact of fraud on their business from a prevention and investigation perspective. Having over 15 years’ experience she has been witness to the evolving nature of fraud and understands how the proliferation of globalisation and social media has played a huge part in this. Jeanette, and her colleague Danielle, will guide you through this evolution,  and discuss with you how the investigation of People, Places and Businesses, utilising Social Media,  is paramount for your fraud and crime prevention strategies.


Danielle Stork is a Training & Support Executive at GBG Trace & Investigate and her role allows her to provide training and support on using GBG products either at the client’s site or via the web. Actively contributing to our clients’ continuous improvement, Danielle understands their requirements and makes suggestions on how these can be met by utilising GBG’s products in the most efficient way. Providing training and support for all sectors Danielle supports business growth by building rapport and ensuring that the clients are proficient at using getting the best out of the data they buy.

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