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The conference dedicated to online risk and loss prevention
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With omni-channel retail, comes omni-channel fraud…

As retailers compete to provide ever more convenient ways to shop, by utilising multiple channels for payments, deliveries, marketing and enhance the customer experience, so the opportunities for loss have increased. As a result it has become more important than ever before to understand the latest threats to your business and the thinking and technology that will enable you to effectively protect it.

Co-located with Retail Risk – now the biggest risk and loss prevention series in the world – eRisk brings together leading retailers, academics, law enforcement personnel and

solution providers to present their latest insights, case studies and technological breakthroughs, promote thought leadership and establish best practice in the digital world.

The conference offers terrific learning experiences for anyone involved in digital risk and loss prevention. And whilst the conference is specifically aimed at online focused executives, its co-location with Retail Risk guarantees terrific networking opportunities for visitors interested in both online and offline aspects of the industry.

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